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Prestige Trading (UK) Ltd. develops and delivers innovative but practical ideas, consulting and training in international management and business development.

Our services include:

International Country & Industry Consulting: Irrespective whether you are planning to buy or sell your products or services in the target market we will provide you with customised country and industry studies.

Market Entry Strategies:
We will provide a solid information base for your successful market entry and will also support you with strategic planning and implementation. 

Global Partnership & Matchmaking Services: With our inter-national offices and strategic partners located in a number of foreign target markets you will profit from a professional support in international matchmaking services.


Intercultural Training: The term “Intercultural Training” comes up more and more often, however, many companies still don’t know its exact meaning and therefore its importance and relevance. Often companies invest too little in this particular field because executive managers are expected to be familiar with intercultural challenges. We proved a customised training service according to your business culture and target markets.

Each module is coordinated constructively to realize a professional basis for decision-making for a market entry as well as to ensure an ideal market entry. 

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Prestige Trading (UK) Ltd.

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